About Brides’ Cars

Is this venture an excuse to own, polish and share a beautiful Rolls Royce with happy people on their special day? Yes! Hence Brides’ Cars.  Tony has always wanted to own a Rolls Royce but he is more than willing to share this exquisitely handsome vehicle with you on your extraordinary day.
We are passionate about what we do.  We take care of our cars and ensure they are polished and mechanically maintained to a very high standard.

The Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II incorporates old fashioned style and traditional values with modern safety features and reliability. Our metallic Royal Blue Rolls Royce, complemented by Magnolia Connolly hide interior, will look fantastic in your treasured wedding photographs.  The paint colour gives excellent contrast to traditional bridal gowns and we’re more than pleased to take you to a special location for photographs on route to your reception.

We have just celebrated the Rolls Royce’s 21st birthday so she is young enough to have a clean catalytic exhaust system but old enough to be traditional.Rolls Royce at the Rectory


We are delighted to offer our services to less able clients, the huge boot of the Rolls Royce will easily accommodate most wheelchairs, or if either or both parties are confined to a power chair we will happily source a specialist vehicle for the day, meaning you can enjoy all our usual chauffeur services from your chair.

A matching Mercedes-Benz S Class Limousine

We acquired the Royal blue Mercedes-Benz to compliment the Rolls Royce but the Mercedes-Benz can also be used as the main wedding car especially if you are looking for extra leg room for a tall bride or groom or if you would like a less expensive option for your wedding day transport.

Mercedes-Benz badge and ribbons